A look into the MMG DYNA GP

What do expect out of your Harley Davidson?  For us the answer is easy, performance!  We designed this 2007 FXDB with only that in mind. We stripped the bike down of just about every unnecessary items including electrical switches and wires that would no longer be needed or used. Shaved the rear fender struts to drop some some weight and give the bike that aggressive stance and look. Power selection is an important part of designing your ride and choosing and S&S 124 Cubic inch power plant is a simple way to create a reliable, pavement shredding machine. The engine has plenty of streetable performance that allows you use the bike as a daily rider or go kill the streets and canyons on the weekends.

Getting that power to transfer to the wheel is another key component and clutch selection is critical. Barnett has been in the racing industry for many years and no stranger to keeping power to the ground. A scorpion lockup clutch works great for keeping power transfer to a maximum and lever pull to a minimum.  The last thing you want is to have a stiff clutch lever when you’re changing gears numerous times in the technical sections of tracks or canyons.  Virtually zero clutch slip with great lever control. 

Two of the most important sections of any motorcycle or vehicle is brakes and suspension.  Good rotor and pad selection will make the difference between getting passed in the corners or making the pass. Galfer has the bike stopping on a dime. Legend suspension gets that bike sitting with the proper ground clearance with great road control.  Minimizing brake dive is crucial when shortening your stopping distance and allows latter braking and confidence in many riding and racing situations. Pro 1 performance fork tubes keep that front end looking clean and sleek. 


Kraus isolated risers keep the handlebars from flexing and twisting like most standard riser systems on the market today. ODI podium handlebars says it all with name. They have a perfect rise and width to keep the rider comfortably in control and will help you command the track to a win.

After testing the bike it has exceeded our requirements and can handle any road you throw at it. Corners have become more inviting and straightaways have become drag strips. This 2007 FXDB has seen many changes over the year’s and has finally found its final destination...Or has it!!!